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Book Review: Venus

venus-bolofoFrom the frontispiece to the endpapers, this book of stylish fashion photographs has tennis running through it like writing through a stick of rock.

Beautiful shots of Venus Williams, looking stunning and impeccably styled, are interspersed with images taken at the Wimbledon Championships, Roland Garros. and the US Open.

Bolofo states in his introduction that he “wanted to create an artistic record at the highest level of of an incredible, unique athletic Tennis Star”, and this collection of photographs is exactly that. There’s no text, just hundreds of ravishing images to delight the eye and inspire your tennis fashion imagination.

Venus Williams by Koto Bolofo, 2008.

Venus Williams by Koto Bolofo, 2008.

My only complaint is that I want to cut all the images out and frame them! It’s a shame you can’t buy prints of these photographs as I think they’d be incredibly popular.

The book is now out of print, but you can find it on Amazon and other used book websites such as Abe Books.

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Tennis score: 8/10

Readability score: 0/10 (there’s no text)

Enjoyment score: 10/10

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